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Letter „L”

Parlament of a Land (country) of the Federal Republic.
Obliging to do rules for the regulation of living together.
Law reservation
Possibility to restrict a basic right by a law or due to a law if the basic right allows that in its wording.
Legal process
Order of the different complaint possibilities in ascending assortment: Contradiction - complaint 1. instance - complaint 2. instance - complaint 3. instance - Federal Constitutional Court.
Legality of the administration
Principle from art. 20 III GG according to that the administration with their acting may not offend the law and needs for its acting a legal basis.
State power which decides laws.
Legislation state of emergency
Shortened form of the legislative procedure without participation of the Bundestag.
Legislative competence
Right to issue a bill, in a certain part of law, for example nationality law.
Legislative initiation
Initiation of a bill in the Bundestag.
Legislative period
Period, for which the Bundestag is elected.
Legislative procedure
Formal procedure for the decree of laws.
Legitimation over one or more stopovers. For example the judges of the Federal Constitutional Court are democratically legitimized because they are elected among other things by the Bundestag, that is directly legitimized by the election to the Bundestag.
Liberty Rights
Part of the Basic Rights. Liberty rights grant a certain pertinent action range to the individual.
List election
Election of party lists, each list gets the percentage of seats which corresponds with their percentage of votes, also called election on the base of proportional representation.
Systematic influence of politicians by representatives of stakeholders

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