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Letter „F”

Federal compulsion
Sanctions of the federation against a Land of the Federal Republic, if this does not execute its obligations for the federation .
Federal Constitutional Court
The highest court in Germany. It interprets the Basic Law.
Federal Convention
Federal organ for the election of the Federal President
Federal Court of Justice
Highest german court in the area of ordinary courts. Do not confuse with the Federal Constitutional Court!
Federal Loyality
According to the principle of federal loyalty both the Laender and the whole state must act federal state friendly, therefore they may not track their own interests ruthlessly against all others.
Federal Minister
Member of the Federal Government.
Federal Organs
Highest organs of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Federal President
Head of state of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Federal State
Union of several states to a state.
Union of states, without the union being a state itself.
Right of the state to produce or distribute determined goods for income achievement alone (monopoly-like).
First vote
At the election to the Bundestag a candidate in an constituency will be elected with the first vote.
During the allocation of seats according Hare-Niemeyer only those parties are considered, which reached at least 5% of all valid secondary votes.
Formal law
Law, issued by a formal legislative procedure.
Freedom of movement
Basic right, that warrant the free choice of the domicile within the Federal Republic.
German name for republic.
Basic, important affairs must be regulated by the legislation by law and are not be allowed to be transferred to the executive .

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