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Some errors which occur during test are repeated every time.

Maybe to know these errors helps to avoid them.


List of errors

  1. An answer only consists of copying the text of the Basic Law/law.
  2. The text of the Basic Law/law has been copied, but the conclusions from the text are wrong.
  3. A question won't be answered in a clear way (Yes / No(!)).
  4. A question will be anwered in the way, that everything which maybe fit the topic of the question is mentioned.
  5. Article or § won't be mentioned or paragraph is missing.
  6. Indemnity and Immunity become interchanged.
  7. General Basic Rights and Special Basic Rights become checked together.
  8. Bundestag and Bundesrat become interchanged.
  9. Republic and Democracy become intermingled.
  10. The eternity clause is used for the articles 1 to 20 and not for article 1 and 20.

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