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Letter „R”

Confirmation of an international-law contract negotiated by the Federal Government by the Bundestag
Consultation about a bill in the plenum.
Reciprocity theory
The reciprocity theory said, that a law which restricts a basic right, even if the law reservation of the basic right does not contain any borders, must not work one-sided, but consider the meaning of the basic right and conserve its nature content.
Recommendation for a decision
In the Bundestag at the legislative procedure a suggestion of the responsible committee to the plenum to vote in a certain way.
Legislation directly by the people and not indirectly through a parliament, in the Basic Law only permitted in art. 29.
Form of a state which is no monarchy.
Right to resist
Right of article 20 IV GG. The right to resist allows active and passive resistance to everybody who wants to eliminate the order of the Basic law. But only if there is no other possibiliy (for example the Legal process).
Run-off ballot
Decisive ballot of a majority election. If at an absolute majority election none applicant achieves the absolute majority, a second ballot - the run-off ballot - between the two applicants with the highest number of votes takes place.

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