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Judge the truth content of the following statements and correct them, if they should be wrong. Click on the statements to see the Answers.


  1. The Bundestag is elected with a mixing election system from election on the base of proportional representation and list election.
  2. The Federal Convention consists of all Members of the Bundestag and the same number of Land representatives, who are elected by the parliaments of the Länder according to the rules of the elections on the basis of proportional representation.
  3. Democracy means that in a state the head of state comes by election into his office, as it is for example the case with the Federal President.
  4. The Federal Government, the Bundesrat and the Bundestag have the legislative initiation.
  5. The Federal Ministers depend on the Federal Chancellor, since they are appointed by him.
  6. Division of power means separation of the power.
  7. The acquisition of a nationality depends on the descending principle and the territorial principle.
  8. The Federal Republic consists of individual states, is thus a confederation of states.
  9. With a direct democracy the representatives of the people are elected directly by the people, without inserting of electors.
  10. Basic Rights can be limited directly by constitution-immanent barriers.
  11. Overhang mandates come off by the fact that a party receives more direct mandates, than entitled seats according to first votes.
  12. Parliamentary group and opposition designate important groupings in the Bundestag.
  13. The president of the Bundestag is a deputy of the Federal President.
  14. One of the tasks of the Federal Convention is the election of the Federal President.
  15. The Joint Committee of Bundestag and Bundesrat mediate problems in the legislative procedure between both federal organs.
  16. The Ministers of the Land Baden-Wuerttemberg can dropped by the parliament of the Land.
  17. The mediation committee must be called, if the Bundesrat wants to refuse its agreement to a law.
  18. The right to issue laws in Germany is with the legislation, thus with the the Bundestag and the Bundesrat.
  19. Directly elected delegates are representatives of their constituency.
  20. The general rules of international law stand struggle-moderately over the Federal Law.
  21. Basic Rights apply to all humans.
  22. The transformation of Germany into a central state without Lands is possible, one must only change the appropriate Article in the Basic Law.
  23. The Federal Government consists of the Federal President, the Federal Chancellor and the Federal Ministers.
  24. At a republic the head of state does not come by succession into its/its office.
  25. The members of the Bundesrat have a imperative mandate, are thus bound at instructions of their state parliaments.

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