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Letter „P”

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces
Constant "one-man committee of inquiry" for democratic control of the German Federal Armed Forces.
Parliamentary council (Parlamentarischer Rat)
Board which created the Basic Law in Bonn 1948/49.
Parliamentary group
A Parliamentary group is a group of at least 5% of the Members of the Bundestag, who belong to the same party or different parties which do not compete with each other in a Land.
Parliamentary system
Political system with the emphasis of the distribution of power between government and parliament at the parliament.
Parties are associations of citizens which continuously want to take influence on the political will formation and which want to send delegates to the Bundestag.
Personality election
Election of persons, the person with the most votes relatively or absolutely wins, also called majority election.
Personality right, general
Basic right from art. 2 I and art. 1 I GG.
Request to the responsible authorities or parliaments to decide in the sense of those who submits the petition.
Person, who submits a petition.
The plenum is the whole of all delegates (Legal number and overhang mandates).
Pluralism theory
According to the pluralism theory the common good is not determined from the outset, it is instead the result of a compromise found in the political competition. This competition is working only if there is a minimum consensus on certain rules of it (values). The State must ensure that these rules are respected.
Acts, which serve the organization of the society / the state in the own sense within a given legal framework.
Pratical concordance (Praktische Konkordanz)
Principle for the solution of conflicts between basic rights. In the case of a mutual competition of basic rights there should be found a balance which respects all participating basic rights without a too extensive limitation of one of the basic rights
Foreword of the Basic Law.
Special kind of complaint at the Federal Constitutional Court for the accusation of the Federal President (art. 61 GG).
Prime Minister
Generally Head of the government, in Germany chief of the government of a Land (county).
Principle of certainty
Rules that contents, purpose and extent of a statutory order must be defined by the legislation.
Principle of proportionality
An acting of the state must be relative, i.e. suitably, necessarily and adequate.
Privacy of correspondence
Basic Right of art. 10 I GG.
Announcement of a law.
Protection Rights
Original and still important function of Basic Rights.
Public law
Part of the law, which authorized or engages the state and its organs to do something. Constitutional law is a part of the public law.

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