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Letter „M”

Main Method
Part of the legislative procedure.
Methode causing a decision with several persons. Of some alternatives the one which the largest agreement wins.
Majority election
Election of persons, the person with the most votes relatively or absolutely wins. Also called personality election
Assignment of political rights and obligations by the voters to the delegates.
Material law
Law, which sets rights and obligations for an individual.
Mediation Committee
The Mediation Committee is a common committee of Bundestag and Bundesrat that advises about diversities of opinion between them in the legislation process.
Member of a government, chief of a ministry
Mixed election
Name of the personalised elections on the basis of proportional representation of the election to the Bundestag.
At a monarchy the head of state takes his office lifelong, usually by succession.
Rule of one person.
Municipal Constitutional complaint
Constitutional complaint of municipalities with the statement to be hurt in the right of autonomy.

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