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Letter „E”

Election on the base of proportional representation (List election)
At an election on the base of proportional representation several lists with applicant names are available. As much per cent of all votes are allotted to the list as much per cent of all seats the list get. The applicants on the respective list are distributed ascending on the seats.
Election principles
The principles specified in article 38 in the Basic Law. The election to the Bundestag must at least fulfill these principles.
At an indirect election the voters first elect electors, these choose from the candidates.
(Small) area within the national territory, that belongs to another state.
Equality rights
Part of the the Basic Rights, which regulate, that mostly equal is to be treated in an legally equal way and mostly unequal is to be treated legally unequally.
European Commission
Executive of the EU, guardian of the treaties.
European Parliament
Parliament of the EU, directly elected by the citizens of the EU.
European Union (EU)
Economic and political union of european states.
(Small) area outside of the compact national territory.
Executive force (government, administration).
Partly or complete extraction of the property by the state.

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