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Letter „D”

d'Hondtsche method
System for converting votes into seats, the number of votes is divided by 1,2,3 etc. and the seats are distributed descending on the division results.
Daily allowance
Financial remuneration (income) of the Members of Parliament.
Representative, Member of the Bundestag.
The people is carrier of the government authority.
Department principle
According to the department principle the ministers are responsible for their ministries themselves and lead their ministries themselves within the guidelines given by the Federal Chancellor.
Descending principle
The nationality of a child arranges itself according to the nationality of the parents.
Unlimited, barrierless rule of one person or a group (party).
Direct Mandate
Mandate that was won in an constituency through the majority election.
Principle of the work of the Bundestag, after an election to the Bundestag affairs of the past Bundestag would not continue, but start new if necessary.
Distribution of responsibilities
Division of the government authority in different parts to prevent abuse of this power.

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