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Letter „B”

Balance mandates
Additional mandates which parties with no overhang mandates get as a compensation of overhang mandates
Name of the three barriers of article 2 I - order of the constitution, moral law and rights of others
Used as limits of basic rights. Basic rights can be limited by three different barrier types Constitution-direct barriers, law reservation barriers, constitution-immanent barriers.
Barriers - barriers
Part of the test pattern of a liberty basic right, it serves the examination whether the restriction of a basic right taken place via barriers itself is within a permissible framework.
Basic Law
Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Basic mandate clause
Means, that a party which fails at the 5%-hurdle, anyway gets seats in the Bundestag, if it gets at least three direct mandates.
Basic Rights
In the constitution named and guaranteed individual rights.
Basic Rights catalog
First part the Basic Law, the articles 1 to 19.
Benefit rights
Basic Rights, which contain a right to benefit from the state.
Bills requiring consent
Bills which need an agreement of the Bundesrat to become valid.
Chief of the Federal Government.
The Bundesrat is the federal element in the legislation
Federal Government.
German Parliament.

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