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Case 1:

A peaceful crew with 33 persons lands on a solitary uninhabited island with beautiful black sand beaches which does not belong to any state and decides spontaneously to create their own state.

Could this state become a member of the UN (United Nations)? In the relevant provisions of the UN is mentioned that the membership in the UN is open to all peace-loving states.

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Case 2:

On the independent island Palaonuti located in the southern Atlantic the military takes the power and banished in brutal manner the previous, democratically elected government. The government of the neighboring island Palaona then explained that Palaonuti no longer is an independent state until a legitimate government comes to power.

Is that correct?

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Case 3:

A German couple spends three years for professional reasons in the United States.

What nationality have their twins born a month ago?

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Case 4:

A Land has more and more problems with organized crime. To keep the situation under control the parliament decides for very serious crimes such as murder on order the death penalty for previously convicted perpetrators. The constitution of the Land will be changed.

Is the death penalty established in that Land?

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