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Details to single Basic Rights


Beside the Basic Right catalogue there are other rights in the basic law which are equal to the basic rights:

Article 20 IV GG

Article 20 IV GG contains the so called "resistance right". Against everyone, who tries to eliminate the system, which was given by the Basic Law all Germans have the right to resist. This applies however only, if there are no other ways for example the course of law, in order to create remedy.

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Article 33 GG

Article 33 GG is a special equality basic right, Article 33 II GG for example regulates that each German (citizen right) has the same access to each public office.

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Article 38 GG

Article 38 GG contains rights, which entitle everyone at the election to the Bundestag and rights of the Members of the Bundestag.

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Article 101 GG

Article 101 GG declares special courts for inadmissible.

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Article 103 GG

Article 103 GG ensured the requirement to be heard before court to the thing to be belonged, forbids a double punishment (in latin: "ne bis in idem") and retroactive penal laws (in latin: "nulla poena sine lege").

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Article 104 GG

Article 104 GG gives right warranties during imprisonment

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